If Birds Fly Low

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Since her mother’s death, Charlotte has been reared by her Aunt Faith. But her childhood has been plagued by strange knocking on her bedroom door in the dead of night. A summons she never answers since she fears what might be waiting for her behind the door.

After meeting Noel Chandler, a tutor at the university in Cambridge, Charlotte and her cousin, Adele, visit his home, Martlesham Manor, a Tudor House in Suffolk.

Noel is actually Squire Chandler and when while there, Charlotte learns the story of Prudence Chandler who, in the seventeenth century, was denounced as a witch by her husband and mother-in-law and consequently hanged.

Charlotte becomes absorbed with the story of Prudence and realises there are many mysteries at the Manor. Who is the woman who moves silently around the house at night? Why is there a terrible feeling of dread that permeates the old building? And why do the birds fly low since there is always a threat of rain hanging over the Manor?

As their love grows, Charlotte and Noel start to uncover the truth of his ancestral home. But the truth will involve Charlotte more intimately than she could possibly imagine.

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