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Listen Inside is a daily podcast from Readers in the Know, presented by its founder, Simon Denman. Each episode provides a sneak preview of one of the great books on our website, including a brief synopsis and then a short extract chosen by the author.

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Episode 60 - 05 Jun 2015
Book cover image for New Sun Rising: Ten Stories


These are linked stories, in the spirit of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. They are about a sixteen-year old girl, Kedzie Greer, who was raised in a utopian community and leaves home to make her way in a dystopian society. The year is 2199; the place, the Reunited States.

In these stories, technology coexists with a haunted world. There are witches and robots, ghosts and e-beasts, a mystical lake and a human warehouse.

If you want to get into the main story at once, begin with “Leaving Home.” It is about Kedzie's decision to seek a life outside the town gates.

If you want to begin with background on the town, start with “The Town With Four Names.” It has had a long strange trip from its beginning in the late nineteenth century, when it resembled the Chautauqua Institution, to 2199.

New Sun Rising: Ten Stories
Lindsay Edmunds

6 reviews* View full book details

In 2199 in the Reunited States, a girl raised in a utopian community leaves home to make her way in a dystopian society. In these stories, technology coexists with a haunted world.

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Episode 8 - 18 Mar 2015
Book cover image for Tizzie


Families support and aid each other don’t they? Especially in the Yorkshire Dales, in 1887. Life can be hard but gentle, kindly Tizzie has been a loving help from her brother, Jack, his wife, Maggie, and their three boys and one girl, Agnes. She is happy to work herself down to skin and bones as a dairymaid for them. Tizzie’s one dream is to see that young Agnes will not suffer her spinster fate and it is sharp young Agnes who helps Tizzie suspect, see and then uncover Jack and Maggie's treachery. Now she knows what has been done to her she is determined to free Agnes. With only her wits to guide her, Tizzie attempts to right years of wrongs and set Agnes free.

Editor's selection and short listed in the Historical Novel Society's Independent Novel Award and also short listed in the M.M.Bennetts historical Fiction Award.

p.d.r. lindsay

30 reviews* View full book details

There's no slavery in the Yorkshire Dales, not in 1887. But loving families use artful schemes to enslave the innocent. Twenty nine year-old Tizzie was such an innocent, now she yearns to be free.

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Episode 6 - 16 Mar 2015
Book cover image for Brainchild (Brainrush Series Book 4)


From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Richard Bard comes the next highly anticipated Brainrush thriller, a mind-gripping action adventure that spans three continents and two books - Everlast and Ephemeral. (Ephemeral named one of IndieReader's Best Books of 2014, available Jan 10, 2015)

A gifted boy forced to grow up too fast... A father who will do anything to protect him... A madman bent on destroying them both.

In Amsterdam, a visionary scientist is laying the groundwork for a cybernetic life-extension project that will transfer individual consciousness to a personalized avatar. Halfway around the world, his brilliant grandson is secretly planning to use the same technology to infiltrate the world's most secure networks. But the scientific advances necessary to perfect the brain-to-computer interface are slow in coming, too slow for the aging founder of the Everlast foundation--who may die before realizing his dream of immortality--and too slow for his ruthless grandson, who will stop at nothing to attain the recognition that is his birthright.

Caught in the middle are Jake Bronson and his seven-year-old son, Alex, whose combined mental gifts might provide the key to leapfrogging the impasse.

In Everlast (book one), when Jake's family and closest friends are simultaneously abducted in a globally coordinated kidnapping scheme, he races across two continents in his search for them, unaware his hostage son and teenage siblings have crash-landed in the jungles of South China, where they must find every ounce of their courage and wits to survive the wilds and escape the ruthless drug lord who is hot on their heels. Can a seven-year-old boy learn to kill to save his family?

Brainchild (Brainrush Series Book 4)
Richard Bard

206 reviews* View full book details

A gifted boy forced to grow up too fast... A father who will do anything to protect him... A terrorist bent on destroying them both.

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Episode 1 - 11 Mar 2015
Book cover image for CONNECTED


CONNECTED is a speculative fiction thriller with touches of science and philosophy, which reached No.1 in Amazon UK's Bestseller lists for both Thrillers and Science Fiction within 5 days of release.

Beginning with the funeral of a renowned classical violinist in a sleepy rural hamlet in the Lake District, a former theoretical physicist tries to make sense of his brother's suicide. Across the country, a university student, enjoying the unexpected attentions of an enigmatic seductress, is disturbed when his best friend falls to his death from the thirteenth floor of a neighbouring campus tower block.

As each tries to unravel the mystery behind the apparent suicides, they are drawn into an obsessive search for a computer-generated fractal video sequence, with startling effects on human consciousness, and which might just pave the way for discovery of the ultimate Theory of Everything.

However, they are not the only ones to have seen the potential of this mind-altering video, and soon find themselves in a desperate race against time with gangsters from the shadowy worlds of sex, drugs, cyber-crime, and massively multi-player on-line gaming.

Simon Denman

792 reviews* View full book details

Two apparent suicides, a country apart, drive a physicist and a college student to seek answers. But what they find sucks them deep into dangerous mind-altering technology that could change the world.

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