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Listen Inside is a daily podcast from Readers in the Know, presented by its founder, Simon Denman. Each episode provides a sneak preview of one of the great books on our website, including a brief synopsis and then a short extract chosen by the author.

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Episode 8 - 18 Mar 2015
Book cover image for Tizzie


Families support and aid each other don’t they? Especially in the Yorkshire Dales, in 1887. Life can be hard but gentle, kindly Tizzie has been a loving help from her brother, Jack, his wife, Maggie, and their three boys and one girl, Agnes. She is happy to work herself down to skin and bones as a dairymaid for them. Tizzie’s one dream is to see that young Agnes will not suffer her spinster fate and it is sharp young Agnes who helps Tizzie suspect, see and then uncover Jack and Maggie's treachery. Now she knows what has been done to her she is determined to free Agnes. With only her wits to guide her, Tizzie attempts to right years of wrongs and set Agnes free.

Editor's selection and short listed in the Historical Novel Society's Independent Novel Award and also short listed in the M.M.Bennetts historical Fiction Award.

p.d.r. lindsay

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There's no slavery in the Yorkshire Dales, not in 1887. But loving families use artful schemes to enslave the innocent. Twenty nine year-old Tizzie was such an innocent, now she yearns to be free.

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