I'll Always Find You

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After the jewelry store where she works is robbed, a stalker makes Loni Jacobs life miserable and she’s sure it’s the robbers. She’s followed, gets threatening phone calls and her apartment building burns. She retreats to her hometown of Canton, Minnesota, hoping to be safe where she’s always been accepted and loved. She buys a gift shop and hopes for happiness, but will settle for security.

In Canton she meets Matt Bennes, former Special Forces and closet psychic, who saw too much violence in service and doesn’t want anyone to depend on him for safety. He’s an outsider, resigned to being a loner because he thinks no woman would put up with his gift, but is very attracted to Loni and senses she’s in danger. A protector, he can’t resist helping her.

She falls in love with Matt, but who does she dare to trust to stay alive?

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