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Neil is an avid aquarium hobbyist. He is also the grandson of a woman who befriended extraterrestrials from a small circumbinary planet known as Morys Minor. Having obtained financial backing for a project to re-establish contact with his late grandmother's alien friends, he unexpectedly receives a visit from one of them. Unfortunately, yukawa3 has alarming news for everyone on Earth. A species evolved from ants is surreptitiously invading the planet and is bent on overthrowing humankind. Neil must act to save his fish. The consequences of failure are unsinkable.

Based on all the best books you can think of and written with all the clarity of a grungy and neglected fish tank, ANTidote explores themes of staggering inanity sprinkled with a few flakes of nourishing perspicacity (mainly for the fish).

This book is part of a trilogy of two books, the first of which, Through The Wormhole Literally, was published in 2015.

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