The Last Mutineers: The Beginning

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Since the dawn of man our species has questioned its existence. All of us at one point in time have wondered whether or not we are alone in the Universe. The reality of the matter is that we are not. We are merely a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Humanity just so happens to be playing right into ancient lore dating back over three Universe Cycles. Each cycle lasts over a googolplex and only one species has survived each cycle thus far. Meaning we have three other species currently residing in our Universe. Those species (in order from oldest to youngest) are the Judex Sapiens, the Sagacians, and the Malentians.

Now the Judex Sapiens and the Sagacians work together. The Malentians, however, work towards annihilation. Their main goal is to destroy anything the other species has created, but have to be subtle about such ordeals. Lest they be caught in the act. So in order to retain obscurity the Malentians plant directives into their target's DNA. Directives of evil that slowly blossom over time and evolve into naught but one thing: self-annihilation on a grand scale. All of which occurs on a little blue sphere we like to call Earth.

Before the war that ends humanity's dominant reign over Earth times are tumultuous to say the least. With the fraudulent election of President Venalis Proditor (whose years in the senate have already eroded away a majority of America’s freedoms) the Union does not stand a chance. After his election a powder keg of chaos erupts in the torn nation and a rebellion forms to overthrow the US government. However, what the rebels fail to foresee is that Proditor has been in alliance with the corrupt United Nations. Who, in turn, combine forces with the NATO troops and stage a war on American soil. With the use of highly advanced nanobiotechnology the invading forces trigger the beginning of the end of humanity.

Techie Bombs are what is used to usher in the apocalypse and nearly end humanity's reign. For you see there are survivors of the attack. The Sagacians warn a select few humans of a barrier-inducing pendant in Yellowstone National Park that was put there in order to save humanity from the supervolcano hiding underneath it. But instead of saving humanity from a natural disaster the barrier saves them from naught but themselves.

The survivors flourish the first few years after the disaster. Although they are plagued with fear and anxiety the survivors find peace in the settlement they form around Fiddlers Lake in Lander, Wyoming. They effectively utilize the Wind River Ranges for their benefit and humanity begins to prosper once more. There is only one thing though. Evil always seems to manifest itself in the deepest recesses of the human mind. Such being due to the Malentians’ evil protocols that were instilled tens of thousands of years ago in the first hominins. So what was once peace and prosperity soon evolves into chaos and manipulation.

Two factions soon form out of the chaos. Those being The Order, whose sinister leaders control the populace with fear, and The Stigmata, whose leaders allow their followers to live freely and do as they please. The Order is left to sustain its ever-growing entropy at the settlement at Fiddlers Lake. Where they have naught but archaic tools and supplies to live on. Meanwhile The Stigmata flourishes inside a secret bunker hidden inside of Mount Chauvenet, which has all of the advanced technology mankind had acquired prior to the war. Needless to say one lives better than the other. A fact that shows after The Great Mutiny from Fiddlers Lake. An event where hundreds of survivors flee The Order to join The Stigmata.

Two decades later five adolescents have a yearning for more. Living their entire lives in the substandard conditions at Fiddlers Lake, they have a lust for adventure that cannot be satiated by mere hunting alone. So they, like the many others before them, defect from the settlement. Only to become the fabled Last Mutineers.

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