Concealment (Crazy Amy Thrillers Book 1)

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“A blistering and breathless psychological thriller guaranteed to hold you captive...” (

City girl Amy seems to have it all—the high-flying job, the designer wardrobe, a beautiful home. But beneath the successful façade, Amy has secrets she’d rather her bully-boy boss Ed didn’t discover—like her troubled past and the little voice she hears in her head…
When a junior colleague is murdered, Amy’s fragile equilibrium is shattered. She suspects a client’s fraud links Ed to the killing, but is her paranoia working overtime?
As Ed tries to discredit her, Amy fears for her job, her sanity and her life. But she’s a tough professional, not a quitter, and somehow she must find a way to fight back...

Concealment is the second novel of British author Rose Edmunds. It’s a dark psychological thriller set in the cut-throat environment of the City of London, in which a high-flying executive struggles to expose the truth about fraud and murder in a toxic, corrupt workplace. At its heart, this is the story of one woman's struggle against her own insecurities - a universal theme.

Praise for Concealment:

“Concealment is brilliant thriller set in the cut-throat world of high finance.” (Scatterbooker blog)

“What makes this novel special is the way the author illuminates Amy’s deteriorating mindset”. (A Woman’s Wisdom blog)

“The psychological harassment handed out to the lead character made me weep it was so realistically portrayed” (Senior HR professional)

“Amy's own descent into psychological hell is fabulously well done, and I found the parts that looked back into her childhood absolutely fascinating”. (Terry Tyler book blog)

“There is treachery and confusion in a story I couldn’t put down!” (Lost in a book blog)

“Edmunds plays on Amy’s vulnerabilities like a master violinist” (

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