R.I.P.: The Death of an Old Vampire (Vlad V Book 2)

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Cat Sanders becomes the heiress of her vampire great-great-grandfather, Vlad V Draculesti. Vlad is dying because of an incident that happened decades ago. Now, all he wants is to die in peace.

Unfortunately for Vlad V, the US intelligence agencies are suspicious as of his entity, and open an investigation to find out who is this man who has lived for centuries? Homeland Security Agent John Miller, working on the case, knows that Vlad V is a vampire, and he blackmails him for billions of dollars not to divulge the secret to the authorities.

Cat and Vlad’s three vampire friends—François, Angelique, and Mundibuto—come to his aid to foil the intelligence agencies’ plans, and eliminate the corrupt federal agent’s threat. Will they be successful, or will Vlad be discovered for who he is, and die in a Federal research laboratory?

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