Daydreams and Devils

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Lock stock and two smoking barrels meets the commitments.
Amazon UK No 1 bestseller 'Daydreams and Devils' is a tale of friendship, viciousness and fine lines, blending crime, coming of age and dark humour.

Vincent, with his sadistic right hand Frankie, seeks to expand his interests with his own brand of gangland psycho terrorism.

James, a young music obsessive, leaves school determined to do life his way, dreaming of glory in a gang with guitars.

But as two worlds collide will dreams become nightmares?

Praise for Robert Cowan's work:

I don't know where Robert Cowan came from. Maybe he just appeared from a wormhole from the future. Maybe he was grown in a petri-dish and only unleashed on society when the scientists were satisfied that he wouldn't do any damage to us little people. Maybe. Probably not. Anyway, wherever he came from, he brought with him a quality book, and I'm glad he did." - Ryan Brach, author of 'The Switched' and 'Dead man' trilogy

"Cowan joins the ranks of a new breed of British novelists, telling their stories the way they want them told." - Mark Wilson, author of the 'dEadinburgh' and 'Lanarkshire Strays' series.

"I have this thing about Scottish authors. There's a stack of really high quality writers putting out high grade work - Ian Rankin at their head. There's Tony Black, Mark Wilson, Allan Guthrie among others. They're all smart writers, building tight stories which unwind at pace and comprise strong characters. And now in this list is Robert Cowan" - Keith Nixon, author of 'The Fix' and 'I'm dead again'.

"The sort of dark humour Scottish writers excel at ... think Christopher Brookmyre"- Colin Wakeford, Musician

"I expect many more great things coming by way of this author. I for one will certainly be the first in line to snatch them up." - Craig Furchtenicht, author of Dimebag Bandits.

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