Shadowed by Demons (The Death Wizard Chronicles Book 3)

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"Many things roam the streets in the darkness, and some are not human. Creatures lurk in the crannies and alleyways, pouncing on their victims with murderous intent. It is not unusual to be awoken from sleep by screams, but most of us just check the latches on the shutters and press our pillows against our ears, hoping the horrors of the night don't find their way into our own bedchambers."

Demons roam unchecked as the evil sorcerer, Invictus, tightens his grip on the world . . .
Hounded by Invictus' minions, Torg and Laylah escape into the northern wilds of Triken where the wizard, sorceress, and a handful of loyal companions encounter a menagerie of hideous monsters.

Even worse, the demon Vedana manipulates their every move from her black realm, wielding her wicked magic like a diabolical chess-master.

Against such evil, what hope have they to reach the safety of the White City?

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