Shattering the Myths of Darwinism: A rational criticism of evolution theory

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Shattering the Myths of Darwinism: A rational criticism of evolution theory

Richard Milton has been a science writer and journalist for more than forty years. In Shattering the Myths of Darwinism he re-examines Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection from a strictly rational standpoint, in the light of recent scientific research.

His independent reporting shows that much of the ‘scientific evidence’ for Darwinism that is taught in schools and colleges is deeply flawed - in some cases is no better than pseudoscience or junk science.

His investigation shows how Darwinism the scientific theory has been slowly replaced by Darwinism the religious dogma and how anyone who dares even to ask questions about the theory is stigmatised as a heretic who must be attacked and denigrated by the theocracy who have appointed themselves as guardians of the Darwinism paradigm.

In subject after subject, Milton shows how the modern theory of Darwinism has been erected on supposition, assertion, and assumption while the real scientific evidence for the theory is weak, circumstantial and inconclusive. Darwinism is exposed as resting on a foundation of argument, rather than on empirical evidence or experiment.

To most students, teachers, and even some scientists it will come as a surprise to learn that recent research into the age of the Earth has produced evidence that our planet could be much younger than had previously been thought: existing methods of geochronometry have been found to be deeply flawed and unreliable; the extent of genetic change by selection has been found experimentally to be limited; only a catastrophist model of development can account for important Earth structures and processes such as continental drift and most fossil-bearing rock formations - most of the Earth's surface in fact. These major discoveries have had profound consequences for the neo-Darwinist theory of evolution, yet few of them have found their way into the public domain, still less into school or university textbooks or museum displays.

Equally, many of the iconic symbols of Darwinism, quoted as though sacred texts, are now known to be just as flawed. The beak of the Galapagos finches provide no evidence for evolution or even natural selection, since there are not thirteen species of finch on the islands but just one. So-called ‘industrial melanism’ in the peppered moth, beloved of biology teachers and museum curators alike, is a figment of Darwinist imaginations. Fossil species such as ‘Lucy’ and her fellow Australopithecines have been restored in museum displays to look like upright walking humans while in fact they have been described by paleoanthropologists as arboreal apes.

This book sets out to make accessible, and put into context, these new discoveries to enable non-scientists to evaluate for themselves the status of the general theory of evolution and the new light cast on existing theories by the latest discoveries.

What the Press said about ‘Shattering the Myths of Darwinism’

"The world of science faces the biggest challenge yet to one of its most basic beliefs: Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. An authoritative compilation of scientific findings." Neville Hodgkinson, The Sunday Times

“Richard Milton's book . . . could shake the ‘religion’ of evolution as much as ‘Honest to God’ shook popular Christianity 30 years ago." Leader Column, The Times

"Milton . . . utters some important warnings. We ignore them at our peril."
Julia Neuberger, The Sunday Times

"In his popular book, journalist Richard Milton shows Darwinism as a crumbling edifice, supported only by a conservative scientific establishment." Matthew Cockerill, The Daily Telegraph

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