Villains and Victims by Rick Blaine: The Global Drug, Terrorism and Organized Crime Conundrum by Rick Blaine

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Drug policies adopted by governments, treatments offered for addiction, pain and mental problems by the medical world combine in a relationship that negatively affects the world’s most vulnerable people. Villains and Victims. The Global Drug, Terrorism and Organised Crime Conundrum exposes how this unchallenged negative symbiosis influences the human world: seemingly unrelated policies act symbiotically to increase addiction, organised crime, radicalisation, and ultimately terrorism. At first it was an unintended chain, but the evidence suggests much of it is now deliberate. The public needs to be made aware of the harm the policies are causing.
For over a hundred years, the knock-on effect of the world’s ineffective drug laws and drug substitution policies contributed to the deaths of millions of people. Unless the regimes that cause this are changed, governments will continue to misguide us, pharmaceutical firms make huge unethical profits, and doctors will not offer the best treatments for drug addiction and alcoholism. This means millions more men, women, and children will continue to suffer and die from their effects, as well as from terrorist attacks and organised crime.

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