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Although born and bred in the cosy hamlet of Sommerville Brook, it is not until Honeysuckle Bell is orphaned, in eighteen-thirty-six, at the age of twelve that she begins to realise how her late parents spent their entire lives as unwelcome tenants and were constantly ostracised by their hamlet neighbours.
On becoming Honeysuckle's guardian, Ruth Waldron seizes the opportunity to satisfy her vengeance, which has been eating away at her over the years. She demonstrates no kindness or compassion towards Honeysuckle, leaving her vowing to marry for wealth over love in her determination to seek the grander life that her late mother had always yearned for and to leave the sleepy hamlet when she matures.
Having been sheltered throughout her childhood, Honeysuckle is completely oblivious to the deep-rooted secrets and disturbing history between the Bell family and the Waldron family, until she stumbles across her mother’s journal.
The discovery, along with the untimely eviction from Ruth Waldron’s cottage, forces Honeysuckle on a hasty and premature journey in search of some answers.
Honeysuckle is a hamlet girl at heart and her desperate need to be part of a family often causes her amiable and affectionate nature to overpower what is best suited for her.
In her search for answers, Honeysuckle soon finds herself in a completely different world from the secure and peaceful hamlet and thrown amongst the poverty, disease and unscrupulous villains of London's East End.
Join Honeysuckle on her hazardous and often life-threatening journey from a girl to a young woman, where love is found in the most unexpected places and the truth is often deeply buried.

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