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Situated in the heart of Cheshire, Hatherton Farm is a run-down, smallholding positioned on the Marshall’s prestigious six-hundred-acre Estate. For three generations, a family feud has been the cause of misery and bitterness between the aristocratic Marshall family and the humble Browning family.
In eighteen fifty-one, the cruel and selfish, Joshua Browning sets sail from Liverpool to join the Californian gold rush, leaving his wife and twin sons behind, to run Hatherton Farm. Squire Cameron Marshall soon plots a way to regain the few acres of land, which he believes are rightfully his. Taking advantage of Gracie Browning’s vulnerable situation, she soon finds herself exposed to lies and blackmail and at the mercy of the unscrupulous Squire. For the sake of her cherished sons, Gracie is compelled to make some huge and detrimental sacrifices.
With no alternative than to flee from their homeland, a terrible catastrophe inflicts a momentous and lasting change to the Browning family.
In their search for work and a new life, Oliver and Archie head towards London. During the journey, Oliver meets a young farm girl which marks the beginning of a unique friendship. After suffering from her own personal loss, Sally Potts feels as though the hand of fate has thrown her and Oliver together, but their relationship is soon to be tested on a grand scale.
From Cheshire’s scenic countryside, the distinguished outskirts of Oxford, and to the impoverished rookeries of London’s East End; spread over thirty-three years and witnessing wealth and poverty, love, loss and betrayal and unexpected twists, Gracie’s Pride is a gripping epic, guaranteed to intrigue and entertain.

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