Live a Satisfying Life By Doing it Doggy Style

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Dagney, our Yorkshire terrier, increases our happiness levels. Stories of her humorous, manipulative, adventurous, affectionate personality bring pleasure and teach life lessons. Every dog owner will relate to her independent attitude and fun-loving spirit that reminds us why we love dogs so much. Meet her brother, Cisco, as he learns to find his place in our family as well as a large cast of supporting characters made up of Dagney's relatives and friends.

Dogs get it. They know the secrets to patience, faith, and unconditional love. Humans who imitate a dog live life to the fullest. Dagney and her friends demonstrate daily how to embrace each day to discover joy. The stories heighten readers' awareness of animals' ability to embrace happiness.

Bonus chapters at the end of the book include pictures, quotes, and activities to prompt personal reflection. Happiness is not beyond our grasp. We simply must embrace the enthusiasm and passion of our pets for the value living life doggy style becomes apparent.

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