Understanding the Power of Not Yet

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Understanding the Power of Not Yet: Accepting the Challenges of New Beginnings shares stories of Kari’s life post stroke. Kari is the author’s daughter who at the age of 33 unexpectantly experienced a violent brain trauma that altered her life. Act one begins when Kari wakes in a hospital bed surrounded by family and continues through rehabilitation. When she returns home, act two illustrates the power of hope determination, and overcoming the odds. Her experiences and the events of those around her offer encouragement for stroke victims and their support systems by revealing survival strategies that help manage the unknown.

Kari demonstrates how to be the director of her own drama one day at a time. The lessons learned teach the value of community, family, and love. It is a testament that our role is not to watch life happen but to make it happen. Some of life’s worst experiences provide reminders to remain faithful. Faithful to self, beliefs, and loved ones. People who confront struggles with resolve, purpose, and willpower are my heroes. They have grit.

Kari continues making gains. Each day reminds us, this is a marathon with short-term successes. Though obstacles sometimes slow her journey to recovery, no barriers stop her progression. Her actions exhibit determination. Kari doesn’t talk in terms of what she can accomplish, will achieve, or desires to complete; she simply lives life. She doesn’t complain or exclaim, “I can’t.” She says, “Not yet.” I fall asleep each night expectant to witness the next day’s accomplishments.

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