Learner Drivers Logbook: Driving Lesson & Progress Record

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Driving lesson progress record, appointments, helpful tips and notebook all in one!

Learning to drive is like picking up any new skill, it needs a planned and structured approach if it's to be successful. There's a lot to take in, a lot of rules to remember; and for most this can only be done one step at a time.

Using the Learner Driver's Logbook you can use the charts to mark off and monitor your progress in each area of the driving test syllabus, it takes out the guesswork and lets you know when you have reached the standard you need to pass the test.

Included with each competence area are helpful tips and reminders, and Highway Code references. This will give you a handy guide to help you decide whether or not you have reached your goal in each area.

There are also pages where you can write down your lesson appointment times; as well as the date and time of your driving test!

This book makes a great gift for anyone who is taking driving lessons.

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