Widow at 50 - After A Covid-19 Loss

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A true story of an extraordinary love affair with many encounters.

In life, you meet and married that one person that you are joined to do practically everything together. His life seemed short yet fulfilled as the circle revolved and was completed. God worked behind the scenes and the universe aligned with a mission and purpose greater than man can comprehend.

Hope met and married her soul mate, Ike, a heavenly and ordained union that encompasses many life events with the possibility of life together forever. An over 30 years love affair that seemed short yet fulfilled life circle that revolved and became complete with the partnership that survived countless challenges but ended with the rage of COVID-19. The completion and end do not always need the two that were joined together to be gone at the same time; rather, one is left to live and close that last chapter and somewhat finish the book of that union. The one left behind had the ball in her court to determine life forward, to begin again or not. The end of the love affair happened when one dies and resulted in the reality of the words “till death do us part” as pronounced during marriage ceremonies.

Ultimately the power and presence of God in our world is certain. GOD IS ALWAYS IN IT!

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