The Pleasure Seekers: The Pridden Saga: Book 4

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Drawn without warning into a startling new world, Kat has zero chances of returning home unscathed.
Pursued by oversexed inhabitants of an island nation, and trapped by a secret so deadly she is in constant danger of capture by foul snake-worshiping assassins, Kat encounters her toughest challenge yet.
At a seemingly innocent wine tasting, she is poisoned, and faces the abject terror of a thousand spiders crawling over her body.
How can she defeat the manipulations of the Thane of Morden without being destroyed herself.
Blundering through baffling social mores in this fourth volume of The Pridden Saga, Kat attempts to fulfill the blackmailed demands of Lord Eduardo of Kaylin.
If she helps him to prevent a world war, he assures her she will be returned home.
How can she possibly do this and survive robbers, dangerous creatures, and her own tendency to ignore life-saving advice?
Join Kat on this nail-biting journey and order your copy of ‘The Pleasure Seekers’ today

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