Hey Dad, It's Me! Discover the Father Who Loves and Protects You

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At sixteen, I found myself talking to my biological father for the first time.

Surreal is the only way I can describe it. He asked me to meet him at a nearby Denny’s. I didn’t know what to say except, “Sure, I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” I went to my room, picked up my purse, told my mom I was going to Denny’s, and drove to meet my father.

I had never seen a picture of him. I had no idea who I was meeting. I was a bit dazed, not knowing what to think or how to feel. I parked my car, got out, and hung around on the sidewalk outside Denny’s waiting for some man to come introduce himself to me. Instead, a woman I didn’t know walked up and asked, “Are you Julie?” She told me my dad was waiting

The effects of growing up with a physically or emotionally absent father extend beyond the social ills addressed in many statistics. Throughout more than thirty years of teaching and ministering, I have often encountered people who don’t feel loved or even lovable because their father didn’t love them. They feel invisible and resist close, intimate relationships because they view them as only temporary, ending with much pain. They fear continuing a dysfunctional cycle because they are confident they are just like their parents.

Through this book you will learn and feel secure that even though your earthly father was absent or has been absent, you can rest confidently on the love of God and recognize how He has actively fathered you.

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