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★★ PMP Exam Prep: Master Your Integration Management Concepts ★★

"Bringing it all together.
Getting the grip in coordinating and preparing how the processes and knowledge areas fit together can be sometimes daunting to those new the Project Management. Shiv once again explained how with great examples."
- Philips Adeniyi

This book is updated for the latest PMBOK (6th) version and the latest 2021 PMP syllabus and includes the Predictive and Agile project management concepts in the Integration Management knowledge area.

With the latest changes to the PMP® exam, questions now focus more on concepts as applied to scenarios, even the ITTO (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs) based ones. This book, the second part in the series 'Ace Your PMP Exam' covers the Integration management concepts using examples, illustrations, mnemonics, and mind maps.

This book does not follow the practice of listing every single ITTO, rather it focuses on explaining all the concepts in a brain-friendly way, making this one of the easiest PMP books to study.

Take a look at the Table of Content by clicking on the 'Look Inside' link on the book image to see the PMP syllabus covered in this book.

Some of the Integration management concepts covered are -
✓ Business value and Benefits realization
✓ Project feasibility assessments
✓ Process analysis techniques
✓ Developing project plan
✓ Getting project work done
✓ Managing project knowledge
✓ Overseeing project work
✓ Change management in projects
✓ Closing a project
✓ Corresponding sections for Agile-Hybrid projects

This book is a complementing study resource to a PMP® study resource. Apart from mastering the integration management concepts, many of my students are also using this book (and others in this series) as a revision tool just before the exam, with exceptional results.

The easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks of information given in this book will help you master the concepts in no time.

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