Communication at the Workplace

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Are you looking to sharpen your communication skill to advance your career to the next level?
Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and getting that new promotion or locking in that next deal is effective communication.
This book aims to help you gain skills needed to get ahead of your peers.
With Communication at the Workplace, you can master the secrets to interpersonal communication.
These strategies will help you establish effective workplace collaboration, boost your confidence, and leave a positive impression among your colleagues and clients.
This book will help you:
• Develop and reflect on your own personal style of communication which will help you distinguish yourself from the crowd.
• Know your audience and learn how to vary you communication style across different platforms so you will always have the right words to engage your audience.
• Learn how to engage in challenging, high stress, conversation in order to extract the desired outcomes from the situation.
• Be prepared for the possible challenges that may arise in common workplace situations, learning the best way to develop an approach to deal with workplace conflict.
You can be the master of effective dialog and Communication at the Workplace can be your mantra to success.
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