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Time Travelers aren’t born. They’re made.

Determined to return a twenty-first-century woman to her own world, Professor Seamus Connor has spent six long years—since 1857—in his laboratory without success. Desperate to help her, he will do anything…even team up with his worst enemy.

In a country torn apart by the Civil War, Seamus’s young ward, Hazel, tries to make a life for herself in New Orleans. She has the chance at a happy, stable life, but a promise from a man from the future proves too tempting to resist.

Long before he worked with the Time Corps, Neil Grey had another job, one that used all his cunning, strength and ingenuity. It was good work, or so he always believed. But the more he learns, the more he discovers that he might be a cat’s paw: a tool used by another.

Together, they travel from a world ruled by science and reason into one of bizarre impossibilities. Inhabited by mythical ships and people who are not what they appear to be, in this world the fantastical is real and reality is never what it seems.

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