The Road to Kill the Bill by Joseph Boyd

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PleaManipulation, deceit, corruption. Yes, we know it exists and let’s face it, narcissistic, toxic behaviour is not only now normalized in society, it’s actively being encouraged and praised.

Yet this book is so much more than simply another account of good versus evil. David versus Goliath.

Throughout the book not only does Joe recount the journey of communities coming together to defend against attack from the usual and expected vested interests of corporate wealth and power, but it also highlights the role of some of the well-known action groups (NGOs) in shaping how and when protest occurs and questions just whose interests are being served. Even more telling is the expose of those agents and infiltrators sent in to derail all meaningful grassroots protests and enable the ongoing march towards authoritarianism and destruction of our human rights that we are now witnessing.

Read this book. Question everything. Keep a watchful eye on people’s actions regardless of the words coming out of their mouths. And never hand over your power. Nobody is coming to save you regardless of what they might tell you. As Joe highlights. If a working-class, recovering addict can take on and beat wealth and power then we can all play our part in defending our enter manually

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