The Book of Botanical Tangles: Learn Tangles and Line Drawings to Create Your own Botanical Art

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If you love Botanical art, this book is for you!
The Book of Botanical Tangles is full of fun organic tangles and botanical line drawings that you can learn in minutes! If you've wanted to draw your own botanical tiles this is the perfect resource to get ideas for tangles. Instructions for simple botanical line drawings are also included in the book. So you can add some variety and mix and match two different styles of Zentangle art and Line Drawing.

This book contains lots of fun projects and prompts for you to play with. Learn how to make botanical tangles and Zentangle patterns step by step. We also look at some similar artwork from classical and best Zentangle artists to learn a bit more about black and white art. Your finished art could be on a tangle, an art journal page or you can use it to decorate your bullet journals and planners! Learning how to draw in an easy and approachable way, you'll be creating masterpieces in a matter of minutes!

Here's an overview of exactly what is included in the book. In this best Zentangle book, you'll learn some botanical/organic tangles as well as some simple botanical line drawings that you can incorporate into your tiles. I like playing with various art forms and am constantly looking for ways to marry art styles. I have added watercolors, mixed media backgrounds, and more to my tangled tiles.

In this book, we will just focus on black and white botanical-inspired tiles and projects. You will see artwork from many different CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers). This will inspire you and allow you to see how varied this art form can be and how one tangle can be used in many different ways. We will start with a short introduction to the Zentangle® method. I will go over all the basics of what tiles and tangles are. Then we will move on to tools and your workspace and what you will need to get started. The fun starts here!

We will dive into organic tangles and you’ll learn to tangle. Most of these tangles are official - that means they were created by Zentangle®’s HQ (Maria, Rick, Martha, and Molly). After this section, I will also share some other tangles I love that you can look up yourself and some botanical line drawings to add extra interest to your art. Then we will move onto some artists and their botanical tiles. You’ll be inspired by the breadth of the work being done and will learn new ways of incorporating different tangles in your work. I love projects and worksheets of all kinds! So I will end with some projects and worksheets for you to play with. This book is meant to be an introduction to the world of Botanical Zentangle® but I will leave you with lots of resources and online class links that you can take with immensely talented CZTs. Welcome to the world of tangling! This book is perfect for beginners and wanglers with some experience.

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