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Brissy finds out she is far from normal; she is a Gene Bearer – a Mutata, able to hear and control minds. Entering the treacherous world of Gene Bearers brings dangers with Acadia who want to corrupt her and Zraykus who want to kill her. Brissy hopes her capabilities can be used for good, but they can also be a weapon, she can kill. Is she turning into something to be feared?

When Brissy reads a letter left by her dead mother, she gets a disturbing glimpse into her family background. The letter reveals a shocking revelation that floors Brissy. She is left with little choice but to agree to meet with her grandfather. The man who hunted her mother for most of her life, kidnapped her, and forced her to make a terrible choice.

Brissy prays that she can cope as it becomes clear that her journey and the challenges she will face are just beginning. She must cope and stay true to herself as she walks her true-life path.

This fast pace urban fantasy will have you engrossed and turning the pages. The characters are wonderfully diverse, and they come to life with the developing story. Readers are thrown a curve ball with plot twists that are both intriguing and a genuine surprise. The book ends on a cliff hanger. The good news is that Brissy’s story continues in Book 2 which is expected to come out in 2022.

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