Dive: Endless Skies (The Dive Sequence Book 1)

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Dive delivers a punchy, team-focused adventure through a simulated fantasy world that reveals the cost of ideals, and the value of sacrifice. If you're looking for a character-driven, action-packed story to introduce you into a deeply imagined realm existing alongside our own, then Dive is your gate. Step through into Endless Skies and join the adventure with Eyre, Sworn, and the team.

Endless Skies, a reality in a game. For most humans, it represents a second life away from the horrors of a broken Earth. To Eyre, her first full-dive into the fantasy realm is a long shot gamble at finding independence, from her family and her past.

Determination, cleverness, and luck get her far enough to pick up a quest from a shady wizard, with the promise to fulfill her deepest desire. The catch: become a lodestone to danger as the quest leads her into dubious salvation at the hands of lethal Guild mercenaries.

Caught up now in the calculations of the team’s enigmatic leader, Sworn, she finds herself aiding them on a march to clear their own objective: the Dungeon of Ironcross Depot and its master, an Unaligned warlord feared by the Guilds. As the body count grows and the subterfuge deepens, Eyre is forced to decide how far she is willing to go to become the vision she has for herself.

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