Beware of Hypocrisy: Who Is Teaching Us What?

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Less than 10% of modern-day Christians have ever read through the entire Bible, much less extensively studied it. Instead, most Christians rely on their church for the majority of their understanding of the teachings of Jesus. Exclusively relying on one institution for such vital information can be dangerous, yet this seems to be a trend in our society. Beware of Hypocrisy was written to explain why this trend is dangerous and to encourage Christians to study the New Testament themselves.

After almost 2,000 years of making assumptions and inventing doctrines, churches have subtly changed, over time, the teachings of Jesus into something different from what is presented in the Scriptures. This will be demonstrated by analyzing the teachings of Jesus regarding a given topic as presented in the Bible, and then contrasting it with what churches teach and do regarding the subject.

The book concludes with encouragement from hope in the Word of the Lord. In addition, techniques for studying the Bible are presented along with recommendations on Bible translations, online Bibles, and Bible apps.

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