The Accidental Archmage Series - Omnibus : Arc One (Archmage Omnibus Book 1)

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An epic adventure. Lost in a world of magic. Familiar myths and legends. Uncommon dangers. Lethally entertaining schemes. Loki would be proud.

Collecting Books One to Two (Arc One) of The Accidental Archmage Series for a continued, immersive reading experience. With updated editions, two previously unpublished stories connecting events of the epic, and additional illustrations.

(An anthology of approximately 251,000 words)

Would you like to -

•Immerse yourself in a grand and dangerous adventure? In a world both familiar and strange? A world where magic and gods still exist?
•Meet deities, beings, and exiles from Earth's pantheons? Encounter warriors, huskarls, satyrs, hoplites, dark mages, Elder beings, and strange yet immeasurably terrible beings from the myths of pre-history?
•Match wits with the likes of Loki, Athena, Amun-Ra, Zeus, Coniraya, Viracocha, and even Dionysus? Escape plots and schemes played by powerful gods of life and death?
•Avoid being the meal of dire wolves, draken, and other beasts of legend? Play with a sphinx, giants of every size and stripe, naguals, a yahui, vrykolakas, empusas, minotaurs, jotnar, ogres, trolls, and dokkalfr, to name a few?
•Survive being in the middle of wars between civilizations and races? Suffer the arrogance and stupidity of gods and men alike? Cross paths with beings who don't like you - Thor, Ares, and the Incan death god Supay, to name three?
•Be burdened with a quest to save yourself and your humanity in the brutal and primordial world of Adar?
•Live in a world where scientific pursuit or insulting deities will get you a lightning bolt or two? Oh, though five or more of those coruscating decorations would be more likely. All at the same time.

Then come, join one Tyler West, suddenly alone, lost and bewildered, with the three moons in the night sky making it clear that he wasn’t on Earth anymore. It is not a game. It’s real. And there's no coffee, pizza, fries, or his favorite show on HBO.

Our tale begins with the unfinished prophecy of a mad and very dead volva, or Norse seeress, of the Dokkalfr Mountains. Sadly, we are left bereft of the rest of her visions due to the lethal intervention of massive sheets of lightning, which just shows that gods and insults really don’t mix.

Petty Fools

The god kings sleep, dreams of
Power, magic; Torn veil,
Their watch denied; A ring
Of hiding, a clasp of
Silver, the Norns defied.
A mortal elder, worlds
Tremble; a book written,
A magical world, or
Where grinning vultures reign.
Man but a child, made flesh
With eternal bones; Thou
Deny him? Olympus?
Jupiter? Enlil? Ra?
Cernunnos? Arinna?
Wiraqucha? Mithra?
Powers of wind, fire and
Earth; Of ancient gray
Rock; of lightning; Avail you not.
Fie! All you gods, mind thy
Warning; A path faltered,
A child angered; A rage
Born; of love and despair.
Thy world is dust! Of Fire,
Ice, or Death! Or a world
Of light, if so desired!
Harken! Petty gods! Petty fools.
A wolf wind…

- Unfinished Prophecy of a Mad Volva.
Dokkalfr Mountains.

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