The Warriors: The Pridden Saga: Book 3

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The exciting fantasy continues as Kat, with only her guide Mouse and her pyrock, Wink, enters Rifella. In this land, she is often mistaken for a red-headed, royal-born Rifellan, with all the abilities of these powerful warriors. She encounters strange new creatures, some violent, and some delightful. The inhabitants she encounters are strong, fine-looking men and women, and who are surprisingly welcoming. Rifella is a harsh land, filled with dangerous creatures, and often grim terrain, but, she is nevertheless, entranced by the beauty she encounters.
She is drawn to Liandock, the intensely attractive Metal-Master when he walks into her life again. Can Kat help Lord Murwenna, Rifella’s ruler, to discover the challenges to his land, and gain additional ways to return to her own world?
If you like unstoppable female protagonists, seductive companions, and action-packed quests, then you’ll love volume 3 of this epic fantasy

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