The Healers: The Pridden Saga: Book 2

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Plunge into the next chapter of Kat’s journey as she wends her way among the spiritual healers of Shendea, but encounters heart-stopping challenges from a ferocious cathnog. Attacked by unknown and violent strangers, our video game designer must fulfill her promise to Eduardo of Kaylin to help Pridden avoid a devastating war, but unfortunately without clear or specific instructions. In this second fantasy edition of the enthralling Pridden Saga, she is escorted by her mysterious guide, Mouse, and the glorious big cat, Shade. Without real knowledge of these people, and hindered by her tendency to blunder when faced by peculiar customs, she is astonished by a Thieves’ Guild who do not steal, a Magicians’ Guild who demonstrate no magic, and the wiles of the alluring Rifellans. Will she survive these wily assassins?How will she keep her word to help Lord Rhognor of Shendea, and still return safely to her own world?

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