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Please enter manuThink back to a time when you were truly happy; that one moment of pure bliss when your heart was full and everything was right. For many people, it might mean thinking back to their childhood or a former love. We have all experienced happiness at some point in our lives. However, somewhere along the way, we get lost in daily life; we forget what happiness is.

True, long-lasting happiness comes from within. To be truly happy, take a deep look within and ask yourself a couple of hard questions. Do you need all those material things you have? Are all your social media followers making you happy? Is that relationship you are in making you happy? Attaining happiness is a personal journey; it requires a lot of hard work, which only you can do.

In Tired of Life? Life Changing Choices and Habits That Schools Should Have Taught Us to Be Happy and Successful, you’ll discover:

The right definition of happiness
The ideal mindset to live a happier life
Why certain emotions and behaviors you have could be keeping you from leading a happier life.
The single most important key to a good life
Why failure isn’t as bad as you think
How to deal with a condition most people suffer from that causes unhappiness
How to navigate catastrophic events and still be happy

Finding happiness can be hard, and you might have a hard time realizing how to do that. However, you can be happy if you are open and willing to try the suggestions.
We all have read a thousand other books and articles on happiness and the million dollar question you might be asking yourself is: What makes this book different that it would work for me?
The book has simplified the concepts. It is straightforward lay person talk, no frills but still based on scientific studies and research. The book is so easy to follow that you will have success even if every other book has failed to deliver for you. You can start building a happy life, Only if you are brave enough to face the hard questions.

If you are tired of all the non-sense then you can start your journey towards happiness by answering the tough questions.ally

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