A Child from the Wishing Well (Let Storm Clouds Pass series Book 2)

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Gerard's only wish is to escape the dark of chronic paranoia to be closer for his lonely daughter. He accompanies Rosie to violin lessons with eccentric but friendly tutor Miss Stein. But could the old spinster's often foul-smelling "wishing" well really be a place for his wish ?

Music tutor Ruth, fascinating Rosie's father for her sensitivity, becomes his confidante and Gerard clings to the hope that the tutor can help bring him closer to Rosie, but soon he must wrestle with his suspicions again, for Ruth mothers Rosie, almost smothers...

Reaching out to a broken doll, propped in the darkness at the bottom of Ruth's garden wishing well, where Ruth plays with Rosie during the lesson intervals, Gerard wants to believe that what he touches and smells is just the decay of sacks enfolding a doll... the closest to a child that the lonely old spinster could cling. Investigating, Gerard's first doubts for Rosie's safety begin to mount. Is he just being paranoid again?

Rosie draws closer to her father, notices his new concern but, if she is in danger, can her Dad save her ? Can Gerard, in turn, triumph over the emotional void of paranoia; feel, accept, he and Rosie could share the parent-and-daughter love of which others speak so easily?

Winner of the Harper Collins Gold Star award May 2010 :

Sunday Times best-selling author, Barbara Erskine, comments:

' Beautifully observed characters, atmospheric, intriguing. '

Editorial reviews :

'All the characters are built up so stealthily we fail to notice that odd behaviour could develop into obsession and dark foreboding secrets.'

Daniel Manning - author of No Compatibility

' Atmospheric, vibrant, spooky page-turner. '

Reay Tannahill - historian, novelist and author of The Seventh Son.

'Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, the first scary movie I remember seeing was the 1965 Bette Davis movie, The Nanny. To this day, that movie has always stuck with me as one of the great psychological thrillers of all time. For me, A Child from the Wishing Well, is reminiscent of that movie.'

Candace Bowen Early - author of A Knight of Silence

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