Cupboard of Skeletons (Let Storm Clouds Pass series Book 4)

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Can Miranda trust her hypnotist ? Can a family avoid being split by the paranoia of one ? Can an unexpected romance survive ? There is a sense of 'presence' of ghosts, but the 'Cupboard of Skeletons' houses people with dark secrets which haunt and test their lives, those who challenge fate and, against all odds, can find something of their dreams.

The stories reflect a whole spectrum of emotions ; from tenderness to private anguish, from outward normality to the inwardly dysfunctional and the endangered relationship. But always - at the core - the themes reach out to those left lonely within a crowd; they alone who know that, for the moment, their brave face is a veil.

Raymond Nickford has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from University College of North Wales. Troubled souls, the lonely, his inspiration.

Some of the themes :

Psychological suspense, dysfunctional relationships, love, tenderness, atmospheric, ghosts, literary fiction.

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