Values: Not Just for the Office Wall Plaque - How Personal and Company Values Intersect

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Did Enron really live by its stated value of Integrity? Many companies have values enshrined on a plaque in a prominent location but do their values positively contribute to business success or undermine it?

We all have values, whether we know what they are or not. So, all companies have values, whether they are clearly and honestly articulated or not. Knowing and living by our values reduces conflict. Not living by our standards increases conflict, within ourselves, with others and between teams.

Based on practical experience, this fascinating book provides insight into the concepts of personal and company values, pitfalls of using them incorrectly, and the power they generate, when applied consistently. In particular, the book explores the need for executives and managers, of all company sizes, to be deeply aware of their own values, the impact their collective values have throughout the organisation, and how they can use values to create competitive advantage.

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