Immortal Defiance (Dulcea's Rebellion Book 1)

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Some things never die. Hope. Heroes. Defiance.
Things take a strange turn for Dulcea, the elven enchantress turned war heroine and Dragonmistress, when a countryman's betrayal lands her in enemy hands.
As she awaits her execution, a handsome stranger with mysterious powers offers her another chance at life. Will she die here or risk what sinister fate he has in store for her?

Can Dulcea reclaim her rightful place and lead her army once more? Or does Krath, the man who travels the Realm of the Dead as one of its own, prove to be the obstacle that fells her rebellion?

… Or will this immortal vampire warrior turn out to be the best chance she has of defying the ancient evil arising in the west?


Note to readers. Please consider before reading:
This is a slow burn fantasy romance, exploring the meaning and value of freedom, friendships, love, and courage through the eyes of an elven heroine who finds her views challenged by unlikely events.

This book is 'Part One' of a single long story arc spanning three books. None of the books are standalone and end in a partial cliffhanger. In the case of this first book, much of the story is also told in a non-linear way, for reasons which should clarify themselves in Book 2.

Book 2, 'Down A Darker Path' releases on March 21, 2020, and Book 3, 'An Alliance of Fire and Steel' has an expected release date toward fall/end of 2020.

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