Herald of the Flame

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As captain of his own starship Estel, Terry Steward, born Terry Radnor, is committed to spreading acceptance of psi powers and other advanced mind capabilities throughout the colonies of humankind. Barred from contact with his beloved planet Maclairn, he now journeys from world to world, heralding the hopeful future about which he alone knows the full truth. But the opponents of mind-powers are gaining strength, and on Earth the persecution of people who develop such abilities is increasing. Soon targeted by bounty hunters, Terry risks everything that matters to him in a desperate attempt to defeat Maclairn's enemies, not guessing that if he lives long enough, he is destined for an even greater role in human history than he has played as a defender of its cause.

Though this is a sequel to Defender of the Flame, it includes enough backstory to stand alone. Both books can be read independently of the preceding Hidden Flame duology, Stewards of the Flame and Promise of the Flame, which is a quite different story that tells of Maclairn's founding more than two centuries earlier.

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