This Star Shall Abide, aka Heritage of the Star

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Noren knew that his world was not as it should be--it was wrong that only the Scholars, and their representatives the Technicians, could use metal tools and Machines. It was wrong that only they had access to the mysterious City, which he had always longed to enter. Above all, it was wrong for the Scholars to have sole power over the distribution of knowledge. The High Law imposed these restrictions and many others, though the Prophecy promised that someday knowledge and Machines would be available to everyone. Noren was a heretic. He defied the High Law and had no faith in the Prophecy's fulfillment. But was defiance enough, or could some way be found to make it come true?

Winner of a Christopher Award for "Affirmation of the highest values of thr human spirit."

A UK edition of this book was published in 1973 under the title Heritage of the Star, and UK readers will remeber it under that title.

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