Great White Fear

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Great White Fear is an exciting action adventure set in modern times. It tells the story of a group of travelers who set out on an expedition far off the Australian coast to visit a remote island. The Island contains a unique discovery formerly made by outlandish skipper Henry Waugh; a breeding ground of Great White Shark. Seduced by the opportunity for quick money he returns, whilst battling his inner conscience, leading a mismatched group of hopeful travelers to ‘his island’. With the latest equipment on board his luxurious boat he anticipates no problem however, the expedition runs anything but smoothly. As the characters develop throughout the book the reader will discover each individual’s unique reason for going on such a curious expedition. Great White Fear is an intriguing journey into each character’s past which in turn slowly unravels danger for all on board. Battling against a selection of foes including the journey itself, the sharks, a small group of natives and the disappearance of their captain, the group are forced to pull together in a struggle for survival. During this time they each must discover their own talents and come to terms with their past lives. There is plenty of romance included within the story line as a love triangle develops among three principle characters. Great White Fear takes the reader further than its obvious voyage at sea as it ventures on into many other places, both past and present. Places where regret, heartbreak and fear loom hazily on the horizon.

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