The Secret in the Cliffs

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PleaKyle is a twelve-year-old boy that spent many Saturdays spending time with his Father at the beach. During their visits to the beach, Kyle tries to convince his Father to explore a cliff that lines the beach, but to no avail. When Kyle’s Father is forced to work extra hours on the weekend, Kyle decides to go explore the cliffs by himself. That is when he stumbles upon the most amazing discovery of his life. After his first trip to the cliffs, he is startled to find two strange men lurking around, watching his every move.

​When Kaitlin, Kyle’s next-door neighbor and best friend, finds out about his secret, she insists on going with Kyle to explore the cliffs. Kyle and Kaitlin continue their exploration until they come upon a discovery that could be considered one of the greatest of all time. Kyle is faced with a dilemma: Would it be best to protect the sanctity of an ancient people, or to allow the world a glimpse of the cliff’s biggest secret, which might cause many to come to faith? se enter manually

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