My Love, My Enemy

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When the Civil War breaks out, Cassandra, daughter of an aristocratic slaveholder, and a secret abolitionist volunteers to spy for the Union. She takes advantage of her position as the wife of Fairfax, a Confederate Army major to attend social functions and gather intelligence.

Fairfax and Cassandra are totally in love, and long for each other, but are separated ideologically and geographically, and unaware of the other's wartime activities.

Both go through narrow escapes in action scenes. Both are totally convinced of the rightness of their cause, and use the same slogan, "Our cause is just. Continue we must."

Actions of the characters are fictitious. Historical accounts are accurate.

This story immerses the reader into the emotion felt by both sides in the Civil War. There are often changes of scenes, twists in the story, humor, and interesting characters you will love and hate. The ending is a surprise. After all the carnage and hate during the war, this story has a good ending.

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