Getting It Write: Common Sense Copywriting for your Business

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a book on Writing for your Business could guide you, gently but firmly down the path to security, success and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Unfortunately, life’s no fairy-tale, so I wouldn’t lay bets on the pot!

Fact is, there’s never an approach to anything that suits everyone and writing’s no exception. What works splendidly for someone else, might not tick your boxes. Which is why, in this book, you’ll find no absolute rights, wrongs or rules, just plenty of options, opinions and suggestions including such weighty matters as:

~ Not Murdering your Message
~ Marketing Hits and Myths
~ Creating Killer Copy Lines
~ Public Speaking or Root Canal Treatment?

I certainly hope some of what I’ve put together (based on more years of writing than I care to remember) will nudge you to approach things from new angles, encourage you to trust your own instincts, help avoid unpleasant pitfalls and help you make words work harder for you.

As a writer for businesses, the tools I work with are words (and multiple cups of coffee) but because we use words all the time, we can easily forget just how powerful they are and how they can work in oddly contradictory ways.


Well, suppose I say, 'The meeting starts at 12.00.' Pretty straightforward statement. How about if I say, 'I’m sure the meeting starts at 12.00.' The addition of that one word changes the statement. How odd is that? 'Sure' is an unequivocal endorsement, yet put it before a statement and it instantly casts doubt, making you sound less rather than more certain. Words can be pesky but if you're running a business your communication has to be good, if it's not, you won't be running a business for long.

"5.0 out of 5 stars Engaging, succinct - with brilliant tips.
This book has inspired me to change my copy on every single forum out there! There are so many brilliant tips and Marilyn’s engaging humour shines throughout. I have a long list of to do's and ideas to follow through. Aside from the tips, I learned simply from her style of writing - she practices what she preaches. It's helped me focus, refine and step into my authenticity in the material I put out there. Sometimes you read a book that really changes how you think, this is one of those.’ Welshy. 7 February 2019"

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