Mystery of the Vanished Gold

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Mystery of the Vanished Gold, Fiction/Mystery
Three robbers wearing Alfred E. Newman rubber masks rob a Dallas bank of $20 million and several safe deposit boxes containing gold. During the robbery a killer handcuffs two men together to a barred gate and executes them with a .22 bullet to the head. He invasion robbers move with military precision and vanish with the money and gold.

A newly-commissioned Texas Ranger, Hank Garcia, chases the gold and money to Spain, South Africa, Panama. Not only is the vanished gold a mystery, but also the motive for murder.

FBI Agent Naomi Robertson works with Hank and becomes a love interest.

Some of the other characters that lend color to the story include, Emo Etto a Nigerian soldier of fortune; Wan Ol Key, a 130-pound martial arts expert using a Mongolian passport; Sheikha Eisha ben Ali, wife of a mysterious Arab of questionable existence, who can charm the gold out of men’s pockets; Handsome Jòrge Sanchez, a Panamanian lover of women and gold; Nurse Alberta Shehzad whom Hank covets; Emile Deutchmann, South African soldier of fortune; and two beautiful young women, Gayle and Katie, who are involved more than they know.
Regardless of numerous suspects and possibilities, Hank’s excellent detective work triumphs.
If you like mysteries, action, interesting characters, frequent changes of scenes, an adventure story with romance, but no gutter language, you will like this novel.
6X9, 236 Pages, ISBN 13:9781491063705, Paperback or e-book.

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