Murder on the Sky Ride

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Murder on the Sky Ride, Fiction/Mystery

This novel is full of action and good detective work. It also gives a picture of the diverse ethnic and cultural makeup of Texas. It gives a private view of two Texas families, one whose members range from dope smuggler to successful attorney-politician, and the other ranging from a hot-head Chicano activist to a Texas Ranger.

Some of the characters: Gar Garcia, Texas Ranger under special orders of the governor; Steve Pearce, 21, ex-convict, trying to stay out of trouble but not succeeding; Johnny Diaz, almost, but not quite, bad to the bone; Burke Masters, big man with big money; and Hawknose, career criminal.

The story is set in San Marcos, Texas, at an amusement park located where the San Marcos River, as a giant spring, wells up out of the ground cool and clear. San Marcos is a real city but events and characters portrayed there are fictional. Real people are mentioned, such as Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter, but are not characters.

Historical notes about the Texas Rangers are accurate. The mammalian diving reflex described in the novel is accurate, as well as the homicide exclusion in insurance policies, and oil field technicalities, but events surrounding them are fictional.

The story takes place in 1978 when detectives had to work harder than now. They had two-way radios, telephone beepers, but no cell phones or personal computers. Most police departments had no computers at all. Police reports were laboriously typed out by hand over several carbon copies, the last of which were barely legible. Police work was real work. Go along with Texas Ranger Gar Garcia as he works through clues, diversions, and deception.
Murder on the Sky Ride, 6X9, 300 Pages, ISBN 978 098 4989 706, paperback or e-book.

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