The Murders on Three Bridges – a Locked-room Mystery

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In need of a change of scenery, Detective Inspector Ricardo Arriaga boards Stella Australis for a trip around Tierra del Fuego. Before the ship reaches Cape Horn, the officer alone on the bridge is shot dead while sailing the ship a short distance across a bay. When other officers come rushing to enter the bridge, they found all doors leading to it locked from the inside. With most passengers and crew ashore on an excursion to a glacier and the runaway ship headed for shipwreck on the rocky coast, the captain is faced with overwhelming challenges.
The detective inspector eventually deduces that the death of the officer must be murder. By meticulously going through the evidence and interrogating the crew and passengers still onboard, he narrows down the suspects to nine – but who among them is the killer? The American CIA agent on a secret mission or his talented wife? The Lebanese profiteer or his Turkish mistress? The ship’s hostess and its assistant engineer getting rid of her bothersome ex-lover? The aloof British photographer affected by too many wars? The disabled Frenchman suffering from food poisoning? The ship’s doctor about to retire after having spent half a lifetime in the Middle East? And then there’s the most confounding question of all: how was the murderer able to escape with the doors locked from the inside?
There comes a moment when the detective inspector finds himself challenged by the explanations for the murders that have taken place on not only one but three different bridges, and one of these concerns his two fathers – the one he has never met and the one he is litigating.

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