Life Pivot How do you answer the question: "what should I do with the rest of my life"?

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A Poll revealed that 87% of us feel little emotional connection with our work. This causes frustration because inside we know that we are made to flourish.

Life Pivot is an exciting exploration into how we can become 100% ourselves living out and learning from our unique capabilities, passions, weaknesses, personalities and motivations. Using 5 key areas as metaphorical coordinates on a map, you will be taken on a journey to navigate your own Life Pivot in a practical and logical way.

“Brad explores the concept of a ‘Life Pivot’ (a changing direction of one’s life) through a plethora of personal, home life and business experiences. He combines these with sound advice on harnessing relationships, inner passions and gifts to facilitate a change or some deep thinking and movement within your own life. .”
— Ben Spiller

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