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They have been living in each other for all eternity, as if they were sharing a single soul in two different bodies.

A beautiful whirlwind romance begins with a Turkish astrophotographer’s expedition to the Sahara Desert to photograph the stars. Mihman falls in love with a desert beauty named Sahara and Journey of Love becomes a story of a deep love, pursued in Turkey, Italy and Morocco.

Journey of Love is an inspirational and spiritual love novel that explores the powerful possibilities of finding the perfect love and your twin flames by resolving blockages in your subconscious mind with the theta healing technique. It is the story of passion - of the ones who converted themselves for the sake of love and of the ones whose path goes through love.

Author Asena Sevinc draws on her extensive knowledge of the subconscious mind and metaphysics to offer readers real-world inspiration about the opportunity to find their own uplifting love like Mihman and Sahara’s, as they are immersed in the soul-healing story of an intense love and exploration of intimacy.

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