Hans, Greta and the Beasts

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This is Book 3 in the Shifter Detective Squad series.

Hans, Greta and the Beasts is a modern and very erotic take on the fairy story Hansel and Gretel.

The book is about when Hans and Greta break down in the woods and come across cat shifters having a party. Their sexual experiences are far beyond anything they could possibly have imagined. This book involves MFFM and gangbangs

The sexual encounters in this book are very explicit and would not be suitable for anyone who is only interested in vanilla sex.

Future books in this series will focus on different shifters however they will all be shifters who are in some way connected to the Shifter Detective Squad.

None of these books involve just two people, all these books will have at the least, MFM and MFFM scenes.

This book is about big cat shifters, future books will feature bears, tigers, golden eagles, polar bears, octopi and many more. The first two books in the series focus on wolf shifters.

The early books in the series will focus around fairy stories eg Rose and the Beasts is based very loosely on Little Red Riding Hood. Hans, Greta and the Beasts is not surprisingly based on Hansel and Gretel. The next book in the series will be Sunshine and the Beasts, this is based on Goldilocks and the three bears, and the three brother bears we meet in Hans, Greta and the Beasts will be the three brother bears who meet Sunshine when she is lost in the woods.

Later books may focus around more mythical creatures such as Loch Ness Monster, Abominable Snowman amongst others.

I hope you enjoy these books and welcome feedback to help me improve my writing skills and hopefully help other readers to enjoy my books too.

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