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A New source of light has been discovered at the edge of our universe and Captain Felix Jenner and a crew of scientists has been chosen to investigate. The USS Mobius and crew make their way to Neptune for a closer look at this bright phenomenon. A giant cloud is discovered and things are starting to go wrong. A ship of some kind is in the cloud and a shuttle craft is sent in to see. It is a warship of some kind and obviously lost the battle. Strange creatures are discovered and one dead one is brought back to the Mobius lab for study.

The creature is an isomorph and has a glasslike covering on its body. It is discovered to be a covering that was excreted by the creature to shelter it from harm during the healing process. The creature is alive and awakens to threaten the crew but is successfully shot out into space. The conclusion reached is that the cloud is being used by a ship to disguise its approach to earth for an invasion.

I write quantum physics articles for a Website electricalfun.com Articles like "The Return of CERN", about the Hadron Collider in France. I also write for "Popular Electronics" and ElectroSchematics.com and I have short stories in a book "Endlands Volume 2" and "Of Sun and Sand"

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