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So, you've decided to turn your life upside down and head out on the highway in search of adventure.
Why Hungary though?
Because the man you met on an Internet dating site, no more than a few short weeks ago, is moving there.
Of course, the family you'll be leaving behind think you've lost the plot.
Who is this Klaus person anyway? How much do you really know about him?
Annoying as your siblings might be, it's family that's going to be there for you when all is said and done.
Will this hasty and rash decision lead you down a potholed road to disaster, or swing open the doors onto a whole new exciting life?
Recent times have been tough, what have you got to lose?
Brave or foolhardy... Let's find out.
A very funny fast-paced novel with more twists and turns than a Cornish coast road.
Take your seat in the back of an old Austin A35 and see how the whole saga ends.

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